Steven Reyme Ministries
“We have to be the voice in this dark world. Furthermore, ye are the light of the world. many are called, but few are chosen”!

We have to believe that God is listening to perform the words, which he has spoken, but over we ready to receive? It is not about what we can do, but what he can do. Take the limits of God. We would be able to do a whole lot more, if we simply obey. The leads us step by step. It is time to think big and pray big. We have the authority over everything here on earth, all because of Jesus.

“ I have been given all power in Heaven and earth, go ye therefore and preach the gospel to all generations.

 The Lord spoke to Steven to start his own Ministry. The Purpose for this is that people would come from all around the world to be trained from the word of God, Starting in Suriname. We have to take this city for Jesus. Steven believes that you have to believe to become and walk in faith to see God’s dynamic movement. This Ministry will be under the Spiritual covering of God’s River Ministries.  “ Nothing is impossible with God”  We are trusting in the Lord to release this building unto us in accordance with his dreams and prophetic words which the has given.